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Better Life Coping Skills
Using Your Camera

“Getting better is not reserved for the sick or the bad.
We can all get better.”


Torkil Færø

Physician & Photographer

Having worked as a medical doctor for over 20 years, your Instructor, physician and photographer Torkil Færø knows that low life-coping skills can lead to depression, anxiety disorders and a variety of physical conditions. In parallel with his medical career, he has also worked in photography, holding numerous workshops internationally. Through this experience, he has found that the same mental mindset required to achieve good images can be transferred to life in general.

By exercising these, better life skills can be achieved – all while practicing the positive, fun and non-stigmatizing activity of taking pictures.

When participating in The Camera Cure® workshop you will be grouped in our forum with up to 5 other participants. Share and discuss the pictures you take along the way, learn from each other’s experiences and cheer each other on.

The Camera Cure® is for everyone, regardless of photographic level or expertise. Use any camera, for example your phone. Start your journey towards both better life coping skills and better pictures today, with The Camera Cure® online workshop.
Picture yourself better!


The Camera Cure®
online workshop: Consists of 55 exercises that will help you develop and flourish, both as a photographer and as an individual.↓Gives you access to your own forum group with other course participants, where you can discuss the tasks and pictures with each other.↓Aims to help you cope with life’s inevitable challenges, step by step, moment by moment, picture by picture.↓Will empower you in the process to become a better photographer. But more important than great pictures is your own, personal growth, who you become along the way when you are conducting this course. Increased life coping skills are the real reward!


The five chapters in The Camera Cure® each consist of 11 tasks. Related to their theme, the individual exercises train you to cope with life through short texts and photographic assignments. Press the circles to see the lesson plan for each chapter:


Do the tasks, learn and develope at your own pace – whenever and wherever you want with The Camera Cure®!